Pet Laminated Aluminum Foil

  • Pet Laminated Aluminum Foil
  • Pet Laminated Aluminum Foil
  • Pet Laminated Aluminum Foil
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Pet Laminated Aluminum Foil
  • hubei
  • 30 days after deposit
  • 10 tons/day

characteries of pet laminated aluminum foil :

1) High gloss and high smoothness of surface,
2) Strong metallic look and excellent aluminum adhesion.
3) Good printing quality and fireproof properties
4) Heat resistant, water proof, stable at high temperature or in boiled water
5) Environmentally friendly, no smell and non-toxic

Feature of pet laminated aluminum foil

● This Emergency Blanket provides personal protection from rain, wind, heat, and cold.

● It's made from PET, extremely lightweight, flexible, space-age material. It can retain up to 90% body heat in cold weather.

● It even deflects heat in hot climates and can be used to offset hypothermic reactions.

● The Emergency Blanket is waterproof, reusable, and portable. It's perfect for camping trips and sporting events in addition to emergencies.


Data sheet for Pet Laminated Aluminum Foil

Test ItemUnitStandardTest Method
Thicknessmic12ASTM D-374
Tensile strengthMDKg/mm2≥18ASTM D-882
Elongation at breakMD%≥100ASTM D-882
Heat shrinkage
MD%≤3.0ASTM D-1204
Surface Tensiondyn≥50ASTM D-2578
Friction Coefficient——≤0.80ASTM D-1894
Base Film Haze%≤3.0ASTM D-1003
Thickness of Aluminum LayerÅ380Square resistance meter
Ω/□1.5GB/T 15717
O.D1.8X-rite 361
Uniformity of Aluminum Layer%±10GB/T 15717
Firm of Aluminum Layer%1003MTape


1). Be used as soft-package for food,medicines and cosmetic etc
2). Be used as a ornament film,such as string of flower crafts,christmas flowers,etc
3). Be used for compound printing or cardborad composite





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