colored laminating film

  • Pet Laminated Aluminum Foil

    characteries of pet laminated aluminum foil : 1) High gloss and high smoothness of surface, 2) Strong metallic look and excellent aluminum adhesion. 3) Good printing quality and fireproof properties 4) Heat resistant, water proof, stable at high temperature or in boiled water 5) Environmentally friendly, no smell and non-toxic

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  • High Glossy Colored Metalized Polyester Film For Laminating

    Application of metallised polyester film : 1) It can be laminated to cardboard to make fabulous packages. It can also be used to make stationery and toys such as adhesive tapes, stickers, or used as varnishing film. 2) Due to its nice appearance and unique performance and especially for it’s protect function for water, moisture and air prevention, it is mainly used for Christmas decoration products, such as tinsel, garlands, Christmas tree and easter grass etc. It’s also widely used in the packaging area for food, medicine, cigarette, and drinks as such. Also, it is applicable for making various kinds of trademarks, labels, cloth, curtains, and other textiles.

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  • Colored Laminating VMPET Film/Metallized Film With Gold Color

    1.thickness of color vmpet film:12-75 micron 2.width for laminating vmpet film:240-1650mm 3.colored laminating film is popular used for food and gift packing,or laminating and others. can cut this color vmpet film into specified sizes as your request 5.the advantage of metallized film with gold color:high glossy,strong metallic looking,smooth surface

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