Metallized Wet Strength Label Paper

  • Metallized Wet Strength Label Paper
  • Metallized Wet Strength Label Paper
  • Metallized Wet Strength Label Paper
  • Metallized Wet Strength Label Paper
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Metallized Wet Strength Label Paper
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  • 30 days after deposit
  • 10 tons/day

1) Have good gloss and color retention;
2) High smoothness;
3) Excellent anti-frication capability;
4) Great dimension stability;
5) Have brilliant colors after printing;
6) High brightness and great adhesive force for printing ink;

Metallized wet strength label paper:

1) General Introduction :  

Vacuum metalized paper as a kind of vacuum aluminum packaging material is a new type of environmentally friendly composite packaging material. It gradually replaced the aluminum foil laminated paper as the paper substrate. It is recyclable and is a kind of environmentally green packaging material. Most European countries use it on the gifts, toys, food, alcohol and tobacco, cosmetic products’ packing and printing .

2) Product show :



1) Used in beer/liquor/spirits label paper and can pack label paper;

2) Suitable for offset and gravure printing;

3) Great for high speed machine to attach label automatically;

4) Easy to wash away from bottles;

5) Belong to environmentally-sound products.

6)Their coatings are odorless, nontoxic, and easy to recycle, and have good degradation and water solubility.

3) Data sheet :

Test ItemUnitTest MethodValue
Wet strengthMDKN/mGB/T465.2≥1.0
Tensile StrengthMDKN/mGB/T453≥3.5
Break LoadMDmNGB/T455.1≥350
Reverse Side COBB (60s)g/m2GB/T154015±5
Wet Tensile StrengthmN/mGB/T14216≥36
Aluminum Firmness%_________≥95
Alkali ResistanceS_________≤90


4).Our Services:       

Here we can offer:

1, Custom-made and OEM service are available.

2, Strong package for long way shipment.

3, Trial sample are acceptable based on customers requirement.

4, Best quality and stable supply.

5, Fast goods delivery.

6, Bottom price are always offered.

7, Flexible payment terms.

8, Near convenient loading port at Shanghai or Wuhan.

9, Quickly response of customers' questions

10.Sample Detail:

  a.sample  leadtime:1~3days by professional design team

  b.sample fee:it is free or as the detail of sample

  c.sample fee refund:you can deduct it after you place an order delivery charge for sample:it is paid by you

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