What's vacuum metallized products


A vacuum metalizer is a machine using the principle of physical vapor deposition (PVD), consisting of a vacuum chamber that is used to add a thin film of metal such as aluminum, copper, silver, and other coatings to a non-metallic substrate through evaporation. Aluminum with low cost, and that has thermodynamic and reflective properties are widely used in this process. The vacuum chamber uses aluminum wire and resistance heated intermetallic evaporators which melt the aluminum and evaporate it. The aluminum vapor condenses on to the substrate and creates the coating layer on an object which is uniform across the entire web of the substrate.

A vacuum metalizer is used to form a layer with various properties such as high insulation, a highly reflective mirror-like finish surface that can be used for laminating any material, and a decorative effect on an object. The metalizer is used to improve the packaging performance by extending the pack shelf life and maintaining the quality of the packaged product. Vacuum metalizers use paper and film as raw materials in the packaging and decorative industry.

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