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  • Printing Embossed Silver Metallized Paper For Beer Label

    1.we have two types of metallic gift wrapping paper,one is standard and the other is ink-retention. 2.the surface for wet strength label paper are plain and lots kinds of embossed style. 3.We produce silver color metallized paper for beer label printing. 4.the grammage of the paper we produce is from 68 to 86gsm. 5.Shade:in roll and in sheets.

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  • Silver Paper Used In Printing

    Characteristics of silver paper: 1. Grammae: 68gsm, 71gsm,73gsm; 2. Metalizing Aluminum: 3gsm; 3. Roll Width: from 240mm to 1600mm; 4. With excellent adhesion ability with ink, the paper remains flat with no rolling of edges. 5. Sufficently tight so that it does not get telescoped,no wrinkles creases,ripples present. 6. Free from bagginess,no uplifted edge,unflush winding. 7. Packing roll is unwound without blocking. 8.The material used are tasteless and innocuous , meeting food grand.

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  • 71gsm Vacuum Metallized Paper

    1)High gloss, strong metallic look ,perfect Metallized of surface and excellent aluminum adhesion 2) With excellent adhesion ability with ink,the paper remains flat with no rolling of edges 3) Suitable for offset printing, gravure Printing and flexible printing 4) Excellent properties when use for labels 5) High water absorbency 6) High resistance to alkali 7) Easy to stick or remove from bottles

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  • Vacuum Metalized Beer Label Paper

    1) High brightness and great adhesive force for printing ink; 2) Used in beer/liquor/spirits label paper and can pack label paper; 3) Suitable for offset and gravure printing; 4) Great for high speed machine to attach label automatically;5) Easy to wash away from bottles; 6) Belong to environmentally-sound products;7)Their coatings are odorless, nontoxic, and easy to recycle, and have good degradation and water solubility.

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